Hair, as all professional producers know, is the core value of a brush. In this case, we tighten the rules from the start by selecting the best brush-used natural animal hairs in china northern part and premium synthetic fiber, followed by precise purification, classification, and categorization. All these handmade processes are to guarantee the ultimate using sense for your customers.

Apart from the quality of hair, the assembling process is also the key to perfection. Then, from the start, we apply very procedure, especially the shaping of the hairs, just with hundreds of pairs of hands to meet our customer needs.

Brush hair can be divided into two kinds: natural animal hair and synthetic fibers. There are two main characteristics that distinguish one hair from another, as well as hair from synthetic fibers. The first and most important characteristic of the hair is the degree of absorbency. Hairs have cuticles, and the more the cuticles have, the greater the surface area will be to attract and hold liquids. This increased absorbency provides greater control in the application of makeup products because they are held within the body of the brush, allowing for even flow off the tip of the brush.

Unlike natural hair, synthetics do not have scales. Synthetic fibers will not “absorb”makeup-liquid or powder. Spring and stiffness is the second most important characteristic. The presence or lack of it in a particular hair will define how it can be used and with what type of liquid.

Synthetic Bristles

Synthetic bristles are the most common material used for makeup brush. Due to the advocation of vegan and cruelty-free growing louder, more and more enterprises and brands tend to use synthetic hair instead of natural hair. Synthetic hair brushes are widely found in drugstores and makeup specific stores. The bristles are made out of plastic and are often dyed to get some color on the bristles.

With the development of technology, premium synthetic hair that mimics the natura hair emerged at the right moment. This synthetic hair can not only meet public’s needs on the powder absorbing performance, but also conform their idea on vegan.

Synthetic hair have many different quality grades, premium quality have close powder absorbing performance with natrual hair. Different quality have different costs to meet different clients’ demands.

Synthetic are cruelty-free. The bristles are usually made from Nylon, PBT or other synthetic fibers. The longevity of synthetic brushes is usually longer than natural haired bristles as they do not degrade or break down and are not as fragile.

Natural Bristles

Natural bristles are made from real hair as opposed to plastic. Fewer and fewer brands choose natrual hair due to the advocation of vegan. Although natural bristles are more preferred for some cosmetic brands, the bristles themselves can cause allergic reactions because of the animal fur/hair.
The most widely used natural hair is goat hair, brushes with goat hair can be found in some renowned brands. Goat hair brushes have excellent peformance in powder absording and blending.

The important characteristics of a brush include:

  • The quality grade of the  brush hair: There are many different quality grades for hair, ferrule and handle with different costs.
  • The curve of the brush hair: low wave, medium wave, high wave, etc;
  • The cut- shape of the brush hair: Experienced craftman can use hands to rub the hair for perfecting the shape.
  • The dyeing of the brush hair: Dyeing the hair into right color is very important.
  • The ferrule finish: Good thickness, no stain, no sctraches.
  • The handle finish: Good oil painting,  smooth, no wood textures, no flaw.
  • The glue: Premium imported glue can avoid the hair bristles or wood handle coming off.